• Focusing on Culture to Drive Leadership Strategy
    In Fall of 2018, Gary Anderson was hired to be the CEO of Nova Mutual Insurance in Ontario. This was a new position as Nova Mutual was a newly merged organization. Now two and a half years post merger, Gary […]
  • Coaching vs. Managing
    Coaching vs. Managing: Developing Your Organizational Coaching Culture Companies are looking for managers to get better at developing people, not just managing them. This shift is geared toward improving feedback to be more consistent and frequent between employees from managers.  […]
  • Workplace Accountability
    Workplace Accountability: Strengthen Your Organization with these Tactics How do we hold people accountable?  This is the overarching question that most organizations struggle with. A lack of workplace accountability is typically the result of tolerated behaviors that become an organization’s […]
  • Success Tips from a Virtual Teaming Expert
    Remote Teams: Success Tips from a Virtual Teaming Expert Organizational change takes time to complete and even more time to master. It takes patience for the changes to take root. Now that teams work from home, and leaders are managing […]
  • Defining Organizational Strategy
    Defining Organizational Strategy: Keys to Successful Transformational Change Recent research from McKinsey and Company says that 70% of all transformational change efforts fail. That’s huge! Almost unbelievable.  Most organizations talk about change, but many times the change efforts fail because […]
  • The Hybrid Workplace Challenge
    Strategy and Decision-Making What does going back to work look like? What is a hybrid workplace, at its core? What does all of this mean for leaders? What do we have to do differently?  These are the top questions we […]
  • The Customer Experience
    Is Customer Experience Strategy More Than a Trend? This week on the OT KungFu Podcast, we spoke with Ray Kong about customer experience strategy. Ray is a seasoned marketer and strategist with over twenty-five years of experience in consulting at […]