• Episode 37 – Meeting Disciplines
    Join Sandi and Jen as they tackle the topic of meetings, the kind of people who show up to them, and what makes a meeting actually worth your time to attend. As the nature of […]
  • Episode 36 – Coaching Leaders
    Join Sandi and Jen as they dive into what it takes and means to coach leaders and how to encourage them and keep them as new folks are stepping into leadership roles. They also discuss […]
  • Episode 35 – Establishing Teams and Team Norms
    Jen and Sandi come to you today talking about what it a team truly is and what it takes to establish that team and the normalities needed for the team to function cohesively and productively. […]
  • Episode 34 – Good Strategy, Bad Strategy
    Join Sandi and Jen as they discuss good strategies in the workplace versus bad ones, and how to get your team through both. Listen in as they discuss some of their favorite strategy authors, resources, […]
  • Episode 33 – Leading in Stressful Times
    This week, Jen and Sandi discuss the workplace post-pandemic, and the humanness of the stresses that are sourced from the adaptations we’ve had to make. They offer some solutions to keeping yourself and your team […]
  • Episode 32 – Retention
    Sandi and Jen meet to discuss retention of employees in the workplace and what that looks like in 2023. With much of the workforce now remote, what can managers and leaders do to keep them […]
  • Episode 31 – Strategic Whiplash
    Jen and Sandi discuss VUCA-Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity and what the impact of changing strategies can bring to the pace of our lives and the business world. What events in the workplace give us […]
  • Episode 30 – Neuroscience of Accountability
    Sandi and Jen interview Reut Schwartz-Hebron. Reut Sandi and Jen discuss how accountability interacts with neuroscience and how that affects work and life. Reut trains and supports coaches, consultants, and HR leaders to complete their […]
  • Episode 29 – Own Up! Drama Free Accountability
    Sandi interviews her co-host, Jen about her new book: Own Up! How to Hold People Accountable without all the Drama. Jen and Sandi talk about what is in the book and go through the Six […]
  • Episode 28 – Better Communication thru Better Listening
    Sandi and Jen talk about listening being the key to communication and that good listening is a big part of being an effective leader. They also go over active and advanced listening as well as […]
  • Episode 27 – Getting Clear on Vision
    Sandi and Jen discuss what Vision is for business.  They talk about Vision vs Mission statement. They also go over how story works with Vision to keep it front of mind for everyone, how to […]
  • Episode 26 – Own Your Career
    Sandi and Jen have a discussion with Andy Storch, author of Own your Career Own your Life. They talk about what it means to Own you Career in a company setting and what are the […]
  • Episode 25 – Self-Directed Teams
    Sandi and Jen discuss what is a self-directed team, what are the items and issues that come up for a good and for a bad self directed team. Jen’s Website Sandi’s Website
  • Episode 24 – Leading with Empathy
    Sandi and Jen discuss what Empathy is and what Leading with Empathy is all about.  They discuss empathy, sympathy, judgement and curiosity and how they are all related and how these affect leadership. Jen’s Website […]
  • Episode 23 – The Hybrid Workplace Challenge
    Sandi and Jen discuss the opportunities and issues of coming back to work after the pandemic. They talk about the opportunity to remake and restart the workplace culture, that we are never going back to the same […]
  • Episode 22 – Diversity Equity and Inclusion Revisited
    Sandi and Jen speak with expert Renee Bazile-Jones about Diversity Equity and Inclusion in the workplace.  They describe what DE&I is, how is it being done, what is currently right and what is wrong. They discuss leadership […]
  • Episode 21 – The Customer Experience
    Jen and Sandi are joined by Ray Kong, senior client partner with Ipsos and part time associate for Satori, to discuss the importance of customer experience, what it means to be ‘customer led’ and how […]
  • Episode 20 – Human Centered Leadership
    Jen and Sandi discuss the meaning of leadership and what this style of leading looks like. They also touch on the science of values and most relevant to this week, what the workplace will look […]
  • Episode 19 – Business Goal Setting for 2021
    Jen and Sandi discuss tapping into mindfulness and the challenge of truly understanding what we unconsciously (or consciously) do to sabotage our goals Jen’s Website Sandi’s Website
  • Episode 18 – Diversity and Inclusion in Business
    Jen and Sandi define what diversity and inclusion is and what it means to businesses. They also discuss the importance of it and what businesses need to do in order to be diverse and inclusive. […]
  • Episode 17 – Leading Remotely
    Jen and Sandi have an in-depth conversation with Ben Harris, President of Production Solutions, about how to be an effective leader when leading a primarily remote workforce. Ben shares his experience, insights and strategies after […]
  • Episode 16 – Focusing on Culture to Drive Strategy
    Sandi and Jen talk with Gary Anderson, ‘Chief Empowerment Officer’ of Nova Mutual Insurance. Gary believes that culture will drive results and on this podcast they are going to tap into some to the interesting […]
  • Episode 15 – Generating a Productive Workplace Culture
    Sandi and Jen sit down with Tony Gareri, CEO and “Chief of WOW” of Roma Mouldings and talk about the importance of generating a productive workplace culture. Find out in’s and out’s of how Tony […]
  • Episode 14 – Change: Embracing What’s Next
    In this episode Master Coaches Jen and Sandi talk about change. Workplace organizations are going through seismic shifts in how work is getting done and leaders are faced with charting this new course in addition […]
  • Episode 13 – Upskilling Your Team
    With rapid change comes the need for new skills as well as updated skills. This podcast covers some thinking and strategies around the need for on-going skills development, some solutions on how to incorporate skills […]