As a Certified Master Coach and President of Own Up!®, Jennifer T. Long ushers leaders and companies through the tough talks and “awkward” interactions needed to achieve improved performance and lasting growth. With over 35 years of experience, her insights are founded upon the principles and practices that built her brand and the results bring meaningful change in companies far and wide.

Jennifer is the author of Own Up! How to Hold people Accountable without all the Drama. With Own Up!®, Jen challenges managers and leaders to stop wringing their hands about accountability and own up to their communication shortcomings.

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Sandi Verrecchia

Sandi Verrecchia is a Certified Management Consultant, holds a Masters degree and is a professionalLeadership Coach. With over 20 years of experience across a wide cross section of clients and industries her diverse background of consulting, teaching, operations, marketing and sales and governance is a wonderful complement to her passion for coaching.

Sandi holds the position of President and CEO of Satori Consulting inc. where she and her team execute across their four pillars of Leadership Development, Strategy, Governance and Analytics.

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